The Python Data Visualization Essentials

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt%matplotlib inline

Scatter Plots — plt.scatter()
  • plt.title(), which adds a title to your plot
  • plt.legend(), which will provide a key that describes what is being plotted. *Pro tip* If you use the label parameter mentioned above while also using plt.legend(), it will take what you put in the label parameter and include it in your key.
  • plt.xlabel(), which labels the x-axis
  • plt.ylabel(), which labels the y-axis
  • plt.figure(figsize=(width, height)), which will determine the size of your plot, in inches
plt.figure(figsize=(10,6))plt.scatter(x, y, label = "This will appear in legend")plt.xlabel('X Values')
plt.ylabel('Y Values')
plt.title('Scatter Plot in Matplotlib')

Bar Graphs —
plt.figure(figsize=(10,6)), y, label=’Sample Data’)plt.xlabel(‘Programming Languages’)
plt.ylabel(‘Language Frequency’)
plt.title(‘Popular Programming Languages’)

Histograms — plt.hist()
plt.hist(x, bins = 10, edgecolor=’black’)plt.xlabel(‘Groups’)
plt.ylabel(‘Frequency of Values’)
plt.title(‘A Histogram in Matplotlib’)




Fitness, Sports, Data — And not necessarily in that order

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Acusio Bivona

Acusio Bivona

Fitness, Sports, Data — And not necessarily in that order

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